Are You Feeling Grateful but also a little Frustrated.

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Being grateful has always been my saving grace. Here I speak of how we can be grateful for what we already have but frustrated that we are not receving more of what we want.

Watch how i shifted this frustration in order to recieve more of what I wanted.

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Are you stuck in your business because your scared? Here is a reason why you may be scared...

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Being stuck in a business may happen to alot of us. Here I speak of the core reason as to why you may be stuck scared. It's something that has always been a chalenge for me and for so many other people .

If you do this one thing it can completely turn your business and personal life into what you have dreamed of all your life.

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How to use the human heart and story to connect and make a change during these tragic times.

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I have just been hurt by the tragedy in the world today. The most recent killing of Alton Sterling who was held down with a gun pointed to his heart and shot 3-4 times by someone who uses a uniform as authority and power over someone else. My heart completely hurt watching the tape of this tragedy on national TV and hearing his son weep for his daddy who will no longer be. These recent tragedies have become our own US domestic terrorism and I just feel like it has gone out of control.

  I have to voice my opinion about this because it affects us all not just black and not just white.  These racially charged tragedies separates us and put us  10 steps back instead of forward. Growing up my parents have taught me always be kind and respectful to others no matter what race they are. To have a loving heart. They also taught me to always know where I come from. My parents grew up in very humble beginnings in the south, picked cotton and  worked hard to get what they have today. It hurts that Allen Sterling was also working hard selling CD’s trying to support his family just like any other person and to have his life taken away just like that by someone who uses his authority, shoots him in the heart, has no heart.


I know that with Be Inspired Brand, the message is knowing who you are and using that as confidence to make an IMPACT around you.  As a black woman I know that I have strong family background and foundation of using first,  my heart as a source for human connection that can lead to change. As I reach out to my local representative,, I hope that he will connect authentically to the human story and not ignore a human story because of  skin color. If you think things are  happening that you just don’t know what to do, we can all use our voice to write your local representative to make changes to gun laws , police officer background checks and proper training, equal justice for those who suffer from the lose of a loved murdered unjustly.

My chest  tightens just thinking about the unfairness from a system that is completely racist and  flawed and not meant for African American…

What do you think? What do you think we can do collectively to make a change during these tragic times?




2 Reasons why you need to Travel more.

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I can remember as a little girl every christmas holiday i would be so excited and look forward to getting up early 5am because I knew I would be traveling to North Carolina from New York to visit my grandparents. In addition to the excitement to see my grandparents I so looked forward to the 9 hour ride my family and I took on Amtrak train. The joy and freedom I felt from traveling not only to North Carolina but to places such as Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington, DC and the Islands just makes me appreciate the travel vibe so much more.


I never realized or understood now how traveling had such a significant impact on my feelings of joy and freedom. It has help connect me to my personality. I have always felt connected to joy and freedom and would  come ALIVE whenever these two adjectives were activated.  Traveling definitely activates Joy and Freedom for me and that’s why I would like to add a travel section to my blog in relation to how it IMPACTS confidence. Because traveling helps connect me to who I am,  I believe that it would add to the journey of confidence, self belief and happiness.


Here are the benefits of traveling to build confidence:


  1. It allows you to learn more about yourself (being aware of your own presence and how you feel when in connection with people, places and things)

  2. It puts you in a position of having inner power because you are activating everything you have inside that is true to who you are (the joy, freedom, courage, etc)


Now that you have the benefits to traveling doesn't it sound enticing and fun to learn more about yourself away from what is comfortable and what you already know? I believe that there are dormant feeling or thoughts that needs to be ACTIVATED through travel. Some people are scared of  travel. That is understandable because some may feel home sick, scared to leave the dog home by herself, scared to get on a plane (this prevented me from traveling for a while after 911 but realize if it’s my time to go then it the time. I can’t allow that to stop what makes me feel ALIVE) or the excuse of who is going to water your plants.

So get out of what comfortable and hop in the car , the plane or train and show the world who you are! I may even meet the man for me!



P.S. Travel can also start local but far enough to be out your comfort zone