Be Inspired Brand

self empowerment through travel + events


Are you a ambitious woman who have anxiety or other self issues? Do you want to feel more alive and self empowered? 

i do and you do too i'm sure

did you know that according to anxiety and depression association of america that anxiety disorder affects 40 million adults? with so many adults suffering from anxiety there are million who also lack the self confidence. this lack then allows you to doubt your own abilities forcing you to fear what you want. I have found that to alleviate the domino effect of low confidence and anxiety it has been found that Creating a self care routine in addition to building your confidence and stretching out of your comfort zone can reduce overall symptoms.  i know it sounds a little scary but you are a ambitious woman and you can definitely do it.

wow! that's my goal, to Build Confidence and conquer those fears and self doubts.

TAKING ACTION by building a more empowered You.

be inspired brand mission is to inspire ambitious women who struggle with self issues and anxiety to feel more determined, motivated and courage to build the confidence needed to go out there and impact the world around you.  the brand understands how much confidence makes up the core of who you really are. in order to achieve anything you need the confidence. it's time to follow your vision, get out there and take the necessary action to build the confidence that you already have deep down. i use travel + going to social events + now helping other build + design there websites as a way to reaching out of my comfort zone by and putting myself in opportunistic situations.

Hey I'm Caroline!

i have a mission to inspire and motivate ambitious woman that they can have a solid self belief within in order to achieve anything and impact the world around them. building your confidence through living couragously, embracing who you are , meeting new people, feeling comfortable in your own skin. this will give you the advantage you need to  feeling fulfilled, content, and confident  to the point of you exuding a light that draws in positive people and all that you desire for your life. this can inspire others and yourself to move forward.

growing up the only child in  new york i was shy and introverted. i grew to love expressing myself creatively in drawing, exercising ,cooking, knitting, painting, learning music,watching old films, etc. as i reached my 20's i was diagnosed with  anxiety/depression  after having my first panic attack and have been on medication ever since. i was experiencing challenges in facing the real world. i soon became uninterested in all my creative activities that made me feel alive and happy. i was in a dark place. it took me several years to get out of my darkness of feeling bad, confused,  and comparing myself to others. for a while i allowed it to really take over my life until i had my third panic attack which  landed me in the hospital in 2013 and having it sink in that i can't allow these challenges to be my life's purpose.  i didn't understand my own power and abilities. i was lost . from that point on i made a decision to understand more of me  , what my interest and strengths are. i wanted to build my confidence. i decided that i wanted more and i had the potential to be more confident in the world around me.

i have always had an interest in entrepreneurship and psychology but did not know how to express my interest  or where it may lead me. i watched and was inspired by my father who had  his own carpet cleaning business  and my mother who got up everyday to go to work and make good decisions that manifested into things she is proud of accomplishing to this day. i want to be that one day. 

i took an interest in clothes and decided to go to fashion institute of technology in new york. although i went to fit i can also remember  taking an interest in psychology and  human behavior classes because i just wanted to understand why people do what they do. i didn't know where my interest in fashion and psychology/human behavior would lead me or how to combine the two. 

after graduating from fIT i was lead into the social work field where i was faced with the real world of those who suffer from real problems.   in order to help i felt the need to help myself first. i began to see a therapist for my anxiety and self issues and was advised often that in social work i cannot not help others the way i want if i don't care for myself first.  i  was suggested to try yoga for my anxiety. i  began to read self improvement books, blogs, go to church, listen to business podcast , feeling more comfortable meeting new people and soon began to explore my options of what i can do with a degree i earned from fashion institute of technology in new york and a masters in counseling from online school capella university. combining my fashion business degree, masters degree in counseling , social work experience and my love for self development, exercise  and yoga meditation fitness i decided it would be the perfect idea for creating be inspired brand, a self empowerment project. i may have more ideas in the making under the name be inspired brand,LLC.

i still have so many more challenges to overcome but know that to be on the right track i consistently need to develop my confidence .it is the key to conducting my business. my goal is to inspire you to improve who you are as well and take the necessary action to achieve your true confidence  so that you can have all of your life desires.

Let's achieve together!!

ps don't let anything hold you back. it's up to you to explore and figure out how to tap into what lights you up to  make you happy. having the confidence is everything.