3 ways having your own business can leverage your personal growth.

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Let’s be honest here going out of your comfort  zone is a scary thing and staying in your comfort zone hurts like hell. You want more and feel you deserve more. More equals personal growth. To use your business as leverage for your own personal growth is an idea that can take you to infinite places.

When I first thought of the idea of Be Inspired Brand I knew that inside it could take me way past what I felt was comfortable. I was scared and I am still scared of what personal challenges I will conquer, however so excited and motivated about my journey so far. When I look back it wasn’t that bad as I made it seem at the time with reaching out to that person, talking to that person, putting my story out there for everyone to read and judge. In that moment of doing it, it was scary as hell but to know that the limited thoughts are an illusion to what we have made up in our minds about ourselves  can be very comforting in a way. But have so much more to conquer ahead. As i said In my own experience and opinion your own business is the ultimate leverage to personal growth. Here are ways of using your business to your own personal growth advantage:

  1. Challenge your limited beliefs- I believe that when we have a vision for our business we have to also have a vision of who we have to be in order  to align with that vision of you business. In this there are so many challenges, task, self discipline, knowledge we have to overcome and work towards that it’s simply scary. My biggest vision for my business is to eventually be a public speaker. So warming myself to be a public speaker has entail me to grasp the uncomfortable feeling of first reaching out, talking to people and publicly putting myself out there. The next challenge I would say would  be video. All im saying is just taking the smaller steps that can lead to being who you visualize yourself as being. Each level or task will become easier once it’s conquered. You will then want to go even more beyond to challenge yourself.

  2. Decision Making- Having to make solid decisions can affect your business in a good and bad way. Indecisiveness can be a killer because it says that you don’t know who you are from your core. When we define our business from the core of who we are we are being true and decisive about ourselves. I know sometimes we are distracted by so many ideas that we may want to use and implement in business but the most important thing is we go back to our core and DECIDE if it makes sense and if it aligns perfectly. For example I may read many blog post, listen to podcast, watch video, buy digital courses but everybody has their own blueprint to success and what works for them. Why not make a decision to be true to yourself and find and feel your way to success that works best for you. If i feel inside that it’s best for me to actually take a road trip to different boutiques to sell my product and get wholesale accounts as opposed to sending emails then that’s what i have to do even if i get a slammed door in my face.

  3. Build Motivation- I say the more you challenge those limited beliefs as i described above  the more motivated you can become in your business and for yourself. Challenging those thoughts is a deep seed that can be watered and nurtured to build your motivation. Once motivated you feel you can conquer the world because you have this amount of ummmff (can’t think of the word to describe it right now) that can make it easier for you to have to face challenges ahead. Motivation can get you to the other side because you just want it so bad. The actions taken proves it.


These 3 ways of using your business for personal growth can not only help your business succeed but also transform your life.

How has business transformed your person life? How has it improved you as a person?





how to align with a positive self image.

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Are you aligned with the positive self image in your head?

I was watching a video on youtube today about how to overcome money block and creating more financial abundance. In the video I was lead to writing down my feeling about money and through expressing my thoughts it came to me how money has a positive self image association, has a huge impact on how i see myself and how I want others to see me. I went on to write more about moneys  association with a positive self image  and how i feel the need to live up to this great image that i have in my mind about myself. I  realized that i have this image of myself but the problem has always been trying to live up to that positive self image. The image of being successful and confident in what i want.  This has lead me to feel a lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety and fears  in wanting to stretch out of my comfort zone and face my fears so that I am aligned with the positive self image i have in my head.

How to align with a positive self image? You are your competition.

I found that it all make sense now.I have begun to connect the dots to who I really am. In general I see myself as a successful confident woman. I have been trying to live up to that image for years. But always got tangled up in the anxiety and lack thereof with comparing  myself to others and comparing myself to the  image in my head and  my own low self beliefs. This is why i always felt like i wasn’t good enough. It’s almost like fighting to be who i really am. I know in my head that I am a successful confident woman . Wow. I am my biggest critic and I am my biggest competition.

How to align with a positive self image?  Now whats next?

Now that I’m aware of this. Now what? Well I can continue to work on my confidence, knowledge, self beliefs.  Writing this blog and helping others have been helpful in clarifying thoughts and how much my positive self image can make an impact not only in my hed but in real life. 

What does a positive self image look like for you? How are you growing to align with your positive self mage?



how "but" can stop goals.

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Are you wanting to achieve your goal?

If you're like me you may also have the "BUT excuse syndrome " with wanting to achieve a goal.  I have always had  a dream to have my own business and for a long time and I always put it off by using the excuse of BUT. But i’m not good enough, But what do I say, But I'm too busy or But I don't know how. The only thing that my BUT did for me was try sacrificing my dreams and the goals I wanted. The BUT excuse is a menace to society and we don’t even realize how much damage it can do. It can make us feel depressed, sad , miserable or make us more anxious.


I believe that when we use the "BUT excuse" we unconsciously self sabotage what we are really here to achieve in the world. We know that  in trying to achieve a goal we will be faced with fears, anxiety, effort and the responsibilities. This makes us feel uncomfortable so be delay it , put off  or never do it which will make us feel hopeless, miserable, overwhelmed etc.

How to achieve your goals? My Journey

In my journey to starting my business, I felt that I wasn’t good enough and didn't know how and what to start. To get more insight and find answers  I used google, watched youtube videos, read books that would motivate, inspire and teach the step by step process of starting a business  with more confidence . I call this my own success strategy . You simply just write down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve. Why you want to achieve it. When you want to achieve it by. Lastly list the steps you have to take to achieve your goal. You can dissect your goal into pieces because sometimes you have different components to your main goal that you need to achieve first.

How to achieve your goals? Create your own Success Strategy.

This strategy is great for me and might be a good start for you because you can have a plan to look at. You know what you have to do because you have it written down. Once you begin to progress toward your goal you will feel better about yourself and want to continue on your journey. My journey has been up and down but know that working towards my goal to starting a business is worth it.


Do you use the BUT excuse? How do you achieve your goals?








How to "beat" anxiety?

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Now the word beat can be applied two ways in this post. I have mention before that I have a love for music. Music is so soulful and therapeutic to me and I like to get as much of it as possible. It has been researched that the beat in music can alter your mood. It seems that music can change your brain function by lessening your stress and can make feel relaxed to upbeat.


When I get up in the morning often time want want to feel upbeat positive and ready to conquer my day so I love to listen to music such as hip hop and pop. This kind of music gets me revved up and ready to go get it.  I like to sing the songs while the beats and the melody move right through me.

When my day wines down sometime I like to listen to jazz music (my favorite Nina Simone) or relax in my bed with binaural beats. This allows me relaxation and calm. This allows me to function to my best.

Check your “beats” and be more conscious to the music you listen to and consider how it may affect the state of your mood.

How has music affected your mood?



root cause of my anxiety.

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I was up last night until 3am in the morning thinking and asking myself Why questions in order for me to figure out where my anxiety come from. After several minutes of this it came to me that my root cause would be my lack of expressing myself. It came to me that i didn’t know how to express myself or didn’t understand that expressing myself the way I use to when I was younger with things like cooking, knitting, drawing, painting exercise, dancing and etc was what made me feel purposeful at that time and made me feel happy.

Fresh Roots.jpg

During that dark period I lost myself. I lost my way. I never connected the dots . Didn’t know how to connect the dots. I just thought  that at that period of darkness it was who i was. And it was at that time.

Thats why today now I understand how important it is to express myself. One way Im doing this is through writing about my experiences on the blog and hoping to connect with people on a deep level. One important thing for me is that I am understood and relatable to people. Being understood and relatable carries huge weight for me. I make me feel known and that Im am here.

After getting my early early morning conclusion I want to throw this question out there to people.  Why do you really really have anxiety or depression? Ask your why question to get to the root cause of what make anxious or depressed. It's an easy exercise that could help enlighten you to alot of things. Some may want to write down their question and answers but because I was just lying in bed I spoke them out loud to the universe and the answers and the questions just flowed out of me.  Try it because once you know the answer you could then figure the steps you need to get better. Express Yourself by living courageously.



2 powerful poses that can help you bust through anxiety and depression.

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While practicing yoga I have learned of two poses that I believe help me combat anxiety.



Camel Pose (Ustrsana)


Camel pose.jpg


  • Opens your chest

  • Releases emotional tension such as anger , anxiety, depression

  • Stimulates the nervous system

  • Reduces excess stress hormones





Dead Body Pose (Savasana)


  • Returns blood circulation to normal between postures

  • Teaches relaxation

  • Improves concentration, anxiety , irritability and nervousness

  • Internal cleansing

  • helps high blood pressure and hypertension

What are some poses that have helped you bust through anxiety and depression? Please share your own powerful thoughts with me by commenting below.


With Love,

embrace the struggle.

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When I was first diagnosed with anxiety I was so completely  in denial with having it. I didnt want to take the medicine, go to therapy(so embarrassed to say that i argued with the therapist at one point) and completely rejected the idea of having something wrong with me. Nothing was wrong with me I was normal like everybody else.  This is what I said to myself even though I continued to suffer through the difficulties of having it.

After having several panic attacks that forced me into the hospital I knew that something was wrong and  had to change.

First step was admitting and accepting that I had anxiety. This is my struggle. This is my reality. I have a fear of not being good enough. Expressing myself. These fears and struggles still come back when I'm stressed but now have to stay on top of how I'm feeling  during stressful situations so that it won’t turn into a  overwhelming feeling that can become worst.

The benefit of accepting that you have a struggle with anxiety would put you ahead of the game. It is the first step to setting yourself free because you're being truthful and honest with yourself which in turn is your strength to putting yourself on the path to  becoming a woman who is not afraid of going through the struggles of getting to achieve happiness. live by Being your best self. Your authentic self. Love your flaws.

crazy or just stress.

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I'm Not Crazy OK Maybe Just A Bit.jpg

When you're having these feelings of worry, discomfort or just plain ol stress you may react in a way  where people may call psycho. What they don't understand is that you're not crazt but just living in a world that it is highly competitive with each other and forces you to be this perfect human being that sometimes is so very hard to live up to when it is crammed down your throat all the time. Being a woman can be the most beautiful thing thing in the world  but can also be difficult. I love being a woman but feel that me being a confident woman who knows she is good enough is supreme and what every woman strives to be.

When I began to understand my anxiety after several years I knew that stress really would heighten it. The stresses would often time overwhelm me and I did not know how to control it. For example my social worker job was extremely stressful that I experienced panic attacks. I was not happy there. In order for me to navigate my way through these stressful periods I would talk to close family and friends instead of internalizing everything which I learned was the death of me and my spirit. I learned that severe stress in a situation was a sign that something was wrong and it open my eyes to examining what would make me happier.  Not to say we will always experience some kind of stress in life but I’m talking serious stress that causes panic attacks,  feelings of self doubt, low self esteem.  Stress can also be a good thing and can force you to perform at your best when it’s used for good. This is what happens when you have learned to navigate your way through but this time around do it with more confidence and courage.  

So the crazy label that women are given i feel is another way to discredit a woman from being her true self- brave, confident, strong and happy.

How do you feel about how women being misunderstood? No matter what embrace your life and  who you are no matter how misunderstood you are. 


With Love,