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how i use the human heart and story to connect and make a change during these tragic times.

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I have just been hurt by the tragedy in the world today. The most recent killing of Alton Sterling who was held down with a gun pointed to his heart and shot 3-4 times by someone who uses a uniform as authority and power over someone else. My heart completely hurt watching the tape of this tragedy on national TV and hearing his son weep for his daddy who will no longer be. These recent tragedies have become our own US domestic terrorism and I just feel like it has gone out of control.

  I have to voice my opinion about this because it affects us all not just black and not just white.  These racially charged tragedies separates us and put us  10 steps back instead of forward. Growing up my parents have taught me always be kind and respectful to others no matter what race they are. To have a loving heart. They also taught me to always know where I come from. My parents grew up in very humble beginnings in the south, picked cotton and  worked hard to get what they have today. It hurts that Allen Sterling was also working hard selling CD’s trying to support his family just like any other person and to have his life taken away just like that by someone who uses his authority, shoots him in the heart, has no heart.


I know that with Be Inspired Brand, the message is knowing who you are and using that as confidence to make an IMPACT around you.  As a black woman I know that I have strong family background and foundation of using first,  my heart as a source for human connection that can lead to change. As I reach out to my local representative,, I hope that he will connect authentically to the human story and not ignore a human story because of  skin color. If you think things are  happening that you just don’t know what to do, we can all use our voice to write your local representative to make changes to gun laws , police officer background checks and proper training, equal justice for those who suffer from the lose of a loved murdered unjustly.

My chest  tightens just thinking about the unfairness from a system that is completely racist and  flawed and not meant for African American…

What do you think? What do you think we can do collectively to make a change during these tragic times?




how feeling more can lead you to the desires of your heart?

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I wrote a blog post earlier about embracing what we already have and being grateful for having it when we desire so much more. I honestly felt that I have been grateful and happier in my life because of this one concept. The thing is that I would, one, like to have my own family, a husband and children. I haven’t met the right man yet who i feel is meant for me. I hope that you can relate or maybe you have found the love of your life and can spill how you were led to him


How to work on being lead to  the desires of your heart? This is what i have been doing daily.


Why do I want a husband? I know that this may be a silly question for some people but it always comes back to why. I want a husband because I want to grow old with my companion, cuddle, procreate together,  support each other and build together.  This is what I desire in my life that I feel i don’t have now. So i have learned to be grateful. But then I need to break it down more. I need to feel more of what I already have that gives me the feelings i get from being married to my husband with children. This feeling I want from the desires of my heart is the essence.  What is this essence? The essence is the feeling of security, family, settled, connection, support, procreation anytime. I get so many feelings from  being married with children. I had to wonder how do i already have these feelings in my life right now and how can activate them. I am learning that I have security within myself and making decisions  without second guessing myself. This has been getting stronger everyday since I have been practicing meditation affirmations. The stronger my self beliefs are the stronger my connections are with the people around me. I feel the support everyday from my family and since I have moved to North Carolina from New York I have a more settled feel now a days. I actually like to go out into my back yard and walk in the grass barefoot, inhale the prana, cook for my family, cleaning. I’m now learning to drive! Yay! This is exactly what it means to be working on yourself so that it can lead to the desires of your heart.

How to work on being lead to the desires of your heart? Living in the essence.

So I say to just acknowledge that you already have those feelings in your life right now. Appreciate it and be grateful for it.  The feelings that you already have. Activate it by Living in It. That’s the essence of it. I am loving my feelings and want more of it everyday.   

What are the feelings you get from the desires of your heart? How are you in that essence everyday?




can't get in the front kick in the BACK door.

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This title is not meant to be offensive but i have always had the mantra that if i can’t get in the front door i would get  into the back way if i really wanted something. How? By creating what i wanted myself. I graduated with a bachelor degree from the world famous Fashion Institute of Technology in New York  and was alway told that during interviews that i did not have enough industry work experience. It was really discouraging. That coupled with being insecure about myself and having anxiety i think back and maybe it was not good timing for me. I instead followed a path into social work where i had the time to build myself up into the person i wanted to be.


During my social work days ( and work i did on myself) i felt that i should instead create what i wanted and at the same time share a message of woman empowerment. I look at it now and i was able to study business development at my own pace and to find clarity of what i wanted to do.


As a black woman i believe we already have strikes against us and have to work twice as hard. We are talented and have a lot to say creatively, spiritually etc and with the history of having to go through back doors of well known places to perform i feel that  the back door can also be presented as an  opportunity today for me to showcase myself as an individual. I am able to present to others my individual strengths, skills and talents on a platform ( there are so many out there)  that can influence others of interest.

When you are face with a NO sometimes we have to use the individual strengths, skills talents to step out and create our own path.

What is your mantra? And how have you used this as a way to create your own path in life?


With Love,


# 1 way to change from feeling disconnected to connected with yourself and others.

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I know those moments when I feel overly protective of myself and guarded in order to feel safe. Not allowing the preciousness within me to be tarnished, stomped on or ruined. Sometimes I have these moments within myself. I feel cautious of sharing with others the things that i feel is most like-able and connective about myself.

The moments aren’t as bad as it was years ago when I completely became dark and anxious for years where i felt the need to stay safe in my cocoon. I did not have a sense of who I was. I was fragmented within which caused a lack connection within and with others. I can remember the moments where it was hard for me to have and keep eye contact with someone. A solid self belief, and being comfortable being myself had not arrived yet.

It has been a journey up until now where I understand that special quality in me that I want to share with other allows me to connect more with myself and understand the quality i bring to the table is recognized by those who care, those who connect with me because  they have similar qualities within themselves.   

I’m still on my journey of understanding that in moments of feeling guarded, it can also spark a question about how I can feel more comfortable with myself first.  The answer lies in building more of a solid self belief. Now that I am aware of a core problem of feeling guarded I understood that  having a affirmative meditation practice could build a more solid self belief and  change how I could confidently connect with others the way that i want to. This practice consist of me  at night lying still in my bed before falling to sleep and feeling the energy as I say affirmations of love, calm, strength, joy, etc to myself. Focusing on each affirmative phrase feels different in my body but they all give me a sense of self belief about myself which allows for a deep and strong connection to others.




how can being aware help you make the best choice.

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I did it and I was scared as hell doing it but I got through and feel I  achieved and am one step closer to who I need to be as a boss lady. Yes I had my first podcast interview all about confidence. Its funny because in the back of my mind I knew it was something that I had to do but honestly I had those nagging thoughts also in my head saying you can’t do it. I was aware of them and aware that I was procrastinating doing the podcast. It came to point where I just had to make a choice and listen to my intuition saying this what you need to do.


So  I decided to put myself out there and express myself to the people. It was honest and aligned to who I am and what I want I want to contribute to the world. During the interview I was nervous, excited, anxious, eager. All these emotions I felt. But in the end I felt that it was not that bad and now I just want to do another interview. It’s a challenge being that person who you envision for your business but the good thing is you are aware of what need to be done.

Awareness comes from having a knowledge about something. When you have the knowledge of what best resonate with you, you then can make  good choice that will benefit you in the long run. I think that the best choice  is the same as intuition. We all have it but sometimes we ignore what’s best for us based on fear.  


It all comes back to not only taking control of our own life but choosing to live courageously.  Are you in control of your own life or are you allowing the fears to control your life? What’s your choice?