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My trip to Haiti and What I learned about Me.


I never thought that i would be going on  a trip to haiti but when my friend Illean bought up the opportunity to go for her weekend birthday with a bunch of girls i jumped all over it.  A girls trip was what i needed. I hadn’t been out of the country in years or on a real vacation on a beach in 5 years. I know, it’s sad, so i needed this vacation. I was asked to invite others but whenever i said Haiti everyone looked at me like i was upside down. Why Haiti?


I even asked myself why Haiti. It’s not really the most talked about vacation spots in the world but i thought it would be a great opportunity to experience a different country, meet new people, eat great food, tan on the beach and surround my myself with the ocean.



So I left on a Thursday evening and returned home Monday evening. I was a short well worth trip where I was surprised to a few things about myself that I never realized before, all in a different country.       


  1. The people you travel with can make or break your trip experience if you let it. When I was invited by Illean to go to Haiti she was the only person I knew . The remaining 4 girls were here friends and I did not know them. One of the girls I bumped heads with a few times but I was proud that i didn’t allow it to ruin my trip. The old Caroline would have definitely cried about it as opposed to taking from it that I am soooo sensitive but at the same time resistant.

  2. I don’t like alot of sarcasm from people . It makes me look at the person as if they are deep down hurt and they taking things out on me. I take things very personal but found that  although i am sensitive when I feel someone is attacking me I can be a savage and clap back at them (my defensive mechanism).

  3. I feel fortunate and grateful for what i have. I never realized that the people of Haiti were that poor. I would look out the windows of the airport van and see the little girls walking through a street filled with trash while in the school uniform with the ribbons in her hair to match there uniform but also know that there are no jobs once the people finish school. The people honor the simplest thing that we can take for granted such as having to hand wash there own clothes and hanging them along the side of the road to air dry for the new week. By the countryside the people do appear to be happier because they are surrounded by water, nature and miles of open land. The views are beautiful.

This is the best thing about traveling with a group of people or even solo/// you learn about yourself to the point of a better and more aware you.

Have you learned anything about yourself while visiting another country?


2 reasons you need to travel more today.


I can remember as a little girl every christmas holiday i would be so excited and look forward to getting up early 5am because I knew I would be traveling to North Carolina from New York to visit my grandparents. In addition to the excitement to see my grandparents I so looked forward to the 9 hour ride my family and I took on Amtrak train. The joy and freedom I felt from traveling not only to North Carolina but to places such as Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington, DC and the Islands just makes me appreciate the travel vibe so much more.


I never realized or understood now how traveling had such a significant impact on my feelings of joy and freedom. It has help connect me to my personality. I have always felt connected to joy and freedom and would  come ALIVE whenever these two adjectives were activated.  Traveling definitely activates Joy and Freedom for me and that’s why I would like to add a travel section to my blog in relation to how it IMPACTS confidence. Because traveling helps connect me to who I am,  I believe that it would add to the journey of confidence, self belief and happiness.


Here are the benefits of traveling to build confidence:


  1. It allows you to learn more about yourself (being aware of your own presence and how you feel when in connection with people, places and things)

  2. It puts you in a position of having inner power because you are activating everything you have inside that is true to who you are (the joy, freedom, courage, etc)


Now that you have the benefits to traveling doesn't it sound enticing and fun to learn more about yourself away from what is comfortable and what you already know? I believe that there are dormant feeling or thoughts that needs to be ACTIVATED through travel. Some people are scared of  travel. That is understandable because some may feel home sick, scared to leave the dog home by herself, scared to get on a plane (this prevented me from traveling for a while after 911 but realize if it’s my time to go then it the time. I can’t allow that to stop what makes me feel ALIVE) or the excuse of who is going to water your plants.

So get out of what comfortable and hop in the car , the plane or train and show the world who you are! I may even meet the man for me!



P.S. Travel can also start local but far enough to be out your comfort zone