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how to align with a positive self image.

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Are you aligned with the positive self image in your head?

I was watching a video on youtube today about how to overcome money block and creating more financial abundance. In the video I was lead to writing down my feeling about money and through expressing my thoughts it came to me how money has a positive self image association, has a huge impact on how i see myself and how I want others to see me. I went on to write more about moneys  association with a positive self image  and how i feel the need to live up to this great image that i have in my mind about myself. I  realized that i have this image of myself but the problem has always been trying to live up to that positive self image. The image of being successful and confident in what i want.  This has lead me to feel a lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety and fears  in wanting to stretch out of my comfort zone and face my fears so that I am aligned with the positive self image i have in my head.

How to align with a positive self image? You are your competition.

I found that it all make sense now.I have begun to connect the dots to who I really am. In general I see myself as a successful confident woman. I have been trying to live up to that image for years. But always got tangled up in the anxiety and lack thereof with comparing  myself to others and comparing myself to the  image in my head and  my own low self beliefs. This is why i always felt like i wasn’t good enough. It’s almost like fighting to be who i really am. I know in my head that I am a successful confident woman . Wow. I am my biggest critic and I am my biggest competition.

How to align with a positive self image?  Now whats next?

Now that I’m aware of this. Now what? Well I can continue to work on my confidence, knowledge, self beliefs.  Writing this blog and helping others have been helpful in clarifying thoughts and how much my positive self image can make an impact not only in my hed but in real life. 

What does a positive self image look like for you? How are you growing to align with your positive self mage?