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3 ways having your own business can leverage your personal growth.

3 ways having your own business can leverage your personal growth.

Let’s be honest here going out of your comfort  zone is a scary thing and staying in your comfort zone hurts like hell. You want more and feel you deserve more. More equals personal growth. To use your business as leverage for your own personal growth is an idea that can take you to infinite places.

When I first thought of the idea of Be Inspired Brand I knew that inside it could take me way past what I felt was comfortable. I was scared and I am still scared of what personal challenges I will conquer, however so excited and motivated about my journey so far. When I look back it wasn’t that bad as I made it seem at the time with reaching out to that person, talking to that person, putting my story out there for everyone to read and judge. In that moment of doing it, it was scary as hell but to know that the limited thoughts are an illusion to what we have made up in our minds about ourselves  can be very comforting in a way. But have so much more to conquer ahead. As i said In my own experience and opinion your own business is the ultimate leverage to personal growth. Here are ways of using your business to your own personal growth advantage:

  1. Challenge your limited beliefs- I believe that when we have a vision for our business we have to also have a vision of who we have to be in order  to align with that vision of you business. In this there are so many challenges, task, self discipline, knowledge we have to overcome and work towards that it’s simply scary. My biggest vision for my business is to eventually be a public speaker. So warming myself to be a public speaker has entail me to grasp the uncomfortable feeling of first reaching out, talking to people and publicly putting myself out there. The next challenge I would say would  be video. All im saying is just taking the smaller steps that can lead to being who you visualize yourself as being. Each level or task will become easier once it’s conquered. You will then want to go even more beyond to challenge yourself.

  2. Decision Making- Having to make solid decisions can affect your business in a good and bad way. Indecisiveness can be a killer because it says that you don’t know who you are from your core. When we define our business from the core of who we are we are being true and decisive about ourselves. I know sometimes we are distracted by so many ideas that we may want to use and implement in business but the most important thing is we go back to our core and DECIDE if it makes sense and if it aligns perfectly. For example I may read many blog post, listen to podcast, watch video, buy digital courses but everybody has their own blueprint to success and what works for them. Why not make a decision to be true to yourself and find and feel your way to success that works best for you. If i feel inside that it’s best for me to actually take a road trip to different boutiques to sell my product and get wholesale accounts as opposed to sending emails then that’s what i have to do even if i get a slammed door in my face.

  3. Build Motivation- I say the more you challenge those limited beliefs as i described above  the more motivated you can become in your business and for yourself. Challenging those thoughts is a deep seed that can be watered and nurtured to build your motivation. Once motivated you feel you can conquer the world because you have this amount of ummmff (can’t think of the word to describe it right now) that can make it easier for you to have to face challenges ahead. Motivation can get you to the other side because you just want it so bad. The actions taken proves it.


These 3 ways of using your business for personal growth can not only help your business succeed but also transform your life.

How has business transformed your person life? How has it improved you as a person?





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