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can't get in the front kick in the BACK door.

This title is not meant to be offensive but i have always had the mantra that if i can’t get in the front door i would get  into the back way if i really wanted something. How? By creating what i wanted myself. I graduated with a bachelor degree from the world famous Fashion Institute of Technology in New York  and was alway told that during interviews that i did not have enough industry work experience. It was really discouraging. That coupled with being insecure about myself and having anxiety i think back and maybe it was not good timing for me. I instead followed a path into social work where i had the time to build myself up into the person i wanted to be.


During my social work days ( and work i did on myself) i felt that i should instead create what i wanted and at the same time share a message of woman empowerment. I look at it now and i was able to study business development at my own pace and to find clarity of what i wanted to do.


As a black woman i believe we already have strikes against us and have to work twice as hard. We are talented and have a lot to say creatively, spiritually etc and with the history of having to go through back doors of well known places to perform i feel that  the back door can also be presented as an  opportunity today for me to showcase myself as an individual. I am able to present to others my individual strengths, skills and talents on a platform ( there are so many out there)  that can influence others of interest.

When you are face with a NO sometimes we have to use the individual strengths, skills talents to step out and create our own path.

What is your mantra? And how have you used this as a way to create your own path in life?


With Love,


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