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feeling clearer and not in my head.

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time. It was so bad that i allowed it to stifle my way of expressing myself to the point of having panic attacks and being fearful in pursuing my goals.

Not anymore. I feel wonderful and as a result look more superb than ever before. Those serious butterflies are almost gone. I still have situations that make me feel uncomfortable but i am more aware of them so that i could make a choice that will allow me to grow.My mind is now at ease due to practicing yoga fitness, meditation and talking out all of the head chatter to close family and friends.I feel the  best i have felt ever and because i am pursuing my dream i feel even more light.

There have been major benefits to yoga fitness, meditation and just emptying out those positive and negative thoughts swishing around in my head.

Yoga fitness and meditation is a practice that I have practiced for a few months. I used to workout off and on when I was younger but after being diagnosed with anxiety i was then introduced to yoga as a way to attack those anxious thoughts and stories I’d create in my head. I was awful to myself. I had such negative doubtful inner thoughts about myself that I began to identify myself as stupid or ugly. I was also diagnosed with graves disease (hyperthyroidism). Through yoga and meditation  I have learned to practice poses that work my inner organs and the anxiety as well. I am in search now of finding more clarity and focus.I get to stop first and make a different choice that is overall a healthier happier choice.  I have found a clearer vision in what I want to do all through meditation. When you quiet your mind from mental chatter you can then allow thoughts that are aligned with your head and heart  to be more defined.

Talking to my close family and friends have really helped me sort through the thoughts in my head as well. Having someone to bounce my anxious thoughts off of have given new ways of seeing things. Or just writing it down. Or just speaking to the universe out loud. These new perspectives can lead into new ideas which can ultimately distract me from the overall feel of being anxious.

How has yoga and meditation helped your anxiety? Do you have advice on how you have settled your anxious feeling?


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crazy or just stress.

crazy or just stress.