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embrace the struggle.

When I was first diagnosed with anxiety I was so completely  in denial with having it. I didnt want to take the medicine, go to therapy(so embarrassed to say that i argued with the therapist at one point) and completely rejected the idea of having something wrong with me. Nothing was wrong with me I was normal like everybody else.  This is what I said to myself even though I continued to suffer through the difficulties of having it.

After having several panic attacks that forced me into the hospital I knew that something was wrong and  had to change.

First step was admitting and accepting that I had anxiety. This is my struggle. This is my reality. I have a fear of not being good enough. Expressing myself. These fears and struggles still come back when I'm stressed but now have to stay on top of how I'm feeling  during stressful situations so that it won’t turn into a  overwhelming feeling that can become worst.

The benefit of accepting that you have a struggle with anxiety would put you ahead of the game. It is the first step to setting yourself free because you're being truthful and honest with yourself which in turn is your strength to putting yourself on the path to  becoming a woman who is not afraid of going through the struggles of getting to achieve happiness. live by Being your best self. Your authentic self. Love your flaws.

2 powerful poses that can help you bust through anxiety and depression.

crazy or just stress.

crazy or just stress.