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how can being aware help you make the best choice.

I did it and I was scared as hell doing it but I got through and feel I  achieved and am one step closer to who I need to be as a boss lady. Yes I had my first podcast interview all about confidence. Its funny because in the back of my mind I knew it was something that I had to do but honestly I had those nagging thoughts also in my head saying you can’t do it. I was aware of them and aware that I was procrastinating doing the podcast. It came to point where I just had to make a choice and listen to my intuition saying this what you need to do.


So  I decided to put myself out there and express myself to the people. It was honest and aligned to who I am and what I want I want to contribute to the world. During the interview I was nervous, excited, anxious, eager. All these emotions I felt. But in the end I felt that it was not that bad and now I just want to do another interview. It’s a challenge being that person who you envision for your business but the good thing is you are aware of what need to be done.

Awareness comes from having a knowledge about something. When you have the knowledge of what best resonate with you, you then can make  good choice that will benefit you in the long run. I think that the best choice  is the same as intuition. We all have it but sometimes we ignore what’s best for us based on fear.  


It all comes back to not only taking control of our own life but choosing to live courageously.  Are you in control of your own life or are you allowing the fears to control your life? What’s your choice?




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