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how feeling more can lead you to the desires of your heart?

I wrote a blog post earlier about embracing what we already have and being grateful for having it when we desire so much more. I honestly felt that I have been grateful and happier in my life because of this one concept. The thing is that I would, one, like to have my own family, a husband and children. I haven’t met the right man yet who i feel is meant for me. I hope that you can relate or maybe you have found the love of your life and can spill how you were led to him


How to work on being lead to  the desires of your heart? This is what i have been doing daily.


Why do I want a husband? I know that this may be a silly question for some people but it always comes back to why. I want a husband because I want to grow old with my companion, cuddle, procreate together,  support each other and build together.  This is what I desire in my life that I feel i don’t have now. So i have learned to be grateful. But then I need to break it down more. I need to feel more of what I already have that gives me the feelings i get from being married to my husband with children. This feeling I want from the desires of my heart is the essence.  What is this essence? The essence is the feeling of security, family, settled, connection, support, procreation anytime. I get so many feelings from  being married with children. I had to wonder how do i already have these feelings in my life right now and how can activate them. I am learning that I have security within myself and making decisions  without second guessing myself. This has been getting stronger everyday since I have been practicing meditation affirmations. The stronger my self beliefs are the stronger my connections are with the people around me. I feel the support everyday from my family and since I have moved to North Carolina from New York I have a more settled feel now a days. I actually like to go out into my back yard and walk in the grass barefoot, inhale the prana, cook for my family, cleaning. I’m now learning to drive! Yay! This is exactly what it means to be working on yourself so that it can lead to the desires of your heart.

How to work on being lead to the desires of your heart? Living in the essence.

So I say to just acknowledge that you already have those feelings in your life right now. Appreciate it and be grateful for it.  The feelings that you already have. Activate it by Living in It. That’s the essence of it. I am loving my feelings and want more of it everyday.   

What are the feelings you get from the desires of your heart? How are you in that essence everyday?




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