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how "but" can stop goals.

Are you wanting to achieve your goal?

If you're like me you may also have the "BUT excuse syndrome " with wanting to achieve a goal.  I have always had  a dream to have my own business and for a long time and I always put it off by using the excuse of BUT. But i’m not good enough, But what do I say, But I'm too busy or But I don't know how. The only thing that my BUT did for me was try sacrificing my dreams and the goals I wanted. The BUT excuse is a menace to society and we don’t even realize how much damage it can do. It can make us feel depressed, sad , miserable or make us more anxious.


I believe that when we use the "BUT excuse" we unconsciously self sabotage what we are really here to achieve in the world. We know that  in trying to achieve a goal we will be faced with fears, anxiety, effort and the responsibilities. This makes us feel uncomfortable so be delay it , put off  or never do it which will make us feel hopeless, miserable, overwhelmed etc.

How to achieve your goals? My Journey

In my journey to starting my business, I felt that I wasn’t good enough and didn't know how and what to start. To get more insight and find answers  I used google, watched youtube videos, read books that would motivate, inspire and teach the step by step process of starting a business  with more confidence . I call this my own success strategy . You simply just write down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve. Why you want to achieve it. When you want to achieve it by. Lastly list the steps you have to take to achieve your goal. You can dissect your goal into pieces because sometimes you have different components to your main goal that you need to achieve first.

How to achieve your goals? Create your own Success Strategy.

This strategy is great for me and might be a good start for you because you can have a plan to look at. You know what you have to do because you have it written down. Once you begin to progress toward your goal you will feel better about yourself and want to continue on your journey. My journey has been up and down but know that working towards my goal to starting a business is worth it.


Do you use the BUT excuse? How do you achieve your goals?








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