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How to "beat" anxiety?

Now the word beat can be applied two ways in this post. I have mention before that I have a love for music. Music is so soulful and therapeutic to me and I like to get as much of it as possible. It has been researched that the beat in music can alter your mood. It seems that music can change your brain function by lessening your stress and can make feel relaxed to upbeat.


When I get up in the morning often time want want to feel upbeat positive and ready to conquer my day so I love to listen to music such as hip hop and pop. This kind of music gets me revved up and ready to go get it.  I like to sing the songs while the beats and the melody move right through me.

When my day wines down sometime I like to listen to jazz music (my favorite Nina Simone) or relax in my bed with binaural beats. This allows me relaxation and calm. This allows me to function to my best.

Check your “beats” and be more conscious to the music you listen to and consider how it may affect the state of your mood.

How has music affected your mood?



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