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crazy or just stress.

crazy or just stress.

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When you're having these feelings of worry, discomfort or just plain ol stress you may react in a way  where people may call psycho. What they don't understand is that you're not crazt but just living in a world that it is highly competitive with each other and forces you to be this perfect human being that sometimes is so very hard to live up to when it is crammed down your throat all the time. Being a woman can be the most beautiful thing thing in the world  but can also be difficult. I love being a woman but feel that me being a confident woman who knows she is good enough is supreme and what every woman strives to be.

When I began to understand my anxiety after several years I knew that stress really would heighten it. The stresses would often time overwhelm me and I did not know how to control it. For example my social worker job was extremely stressful that I experienced panic attacks. I was not happy there. In order for me to navigate my way through these stressful periods I would talk to close family and friends instead of internalizing everything which I learned was the death of me and my spirit. I learned that severe stress in a situation was a sign that something was wrong and it open my eyes to examining what would make me happier.  Not to say we will always experience some kind of stress in life but I’m talking serious stress that causes panic attacks,  feelings of self doubt, low self esteem.  Stress can also be a good thing and can force you to perform at your best when it’s used for good. This is what happens when you have learned to navigate your way through but this time around do it with more confidence and courage.  

So the crazy label that women are given i feel is another way to discredit a woman from being her true self- brave, confident, strong and happy.

How do you feel about how women being misunderstood? No matter what embrace your life and  who you are no matter how misunderstood you are. 


With Love,


embrace the struggle.

feeling clearer and not in my head.