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root cause of my anxiety.

I was up last night until 3am in the morning thinking and asking myself Why questions in order for me to figure out where my anxiety come from. After several minutes of this it came to me that my root cause would be my lack of expressing myself. It came to me that i didn’t know how to express myself or didn’t understand that expressing myself the way I use to when I was younger with things like cooking, knitting, drawing, painting exercise, dancing and etc was what made me feel purposeful at that time and made me feel happy.

Fresh Roots.jpg

During that dark period I lost myself. I lost my way. I never connected the dots . Didn’t know how to connect the dots. I just thought  that at that period of darkness it was who i was. And it was at that time.

Thats why today now I understand how important it is to express myself. One way Im doing this is through writing about my experiences on the blog and hoping to connect with people on a deep level. One important thing for me is that I am understood and relatable to people. Being understood and relatable carries huge weight for me. I make me feel known and that Im am here.

After getting my early early morning conclusion I want to throw this question out there to people.  Why do you really really have anxiety or depression? Ask your why question to get to the root cause of what make anxious or depressed. It's an easy exercise that could help enlighten you to alot of things. Some may want to write down their question and answers but because I was just lying in bed I spoke them out loud to the universe and the answers and the questions just flowed out of me.  Try it because once you know the answer you could then figure the steps you need to get better. Express Yourself by living courageously.



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