just how 3 months of no excercise lead to a lack of...


just discovered there was a such thing as World Health day. It was exciting that such a world event can bring national attention to the importance of living a healthier lifestyle so that you are able to live a longer life. As you know there are many element to living a healthier lifestyle from being more aware of what you put into your body, exercise and healthier mindsets to prevent stress/anxiety. Today I want to talk about the importance of having a strong exercise routine that will give you the energy, stamina, confidence, motivation, stressless life you desire.

There are so many types of exercise that you can get into that would get your heart pumping and help you break a sweat. You have aerobics, yoga,walking,treadmill etc, whatever you feel gives you what you need. DO IT. For me i like walking and yoga meltdown with Julian Michael's . It’s just enough movement to get me sweating.

Now I have to admit that I have been slacking with the exercise and I wasn’t looking forward to it because when you are in the beginning stages of starting a routine over again it can be difficult to build on at first. The burn is intense and the strength needed is out of control. The reason I stopped my daily exercise routine is because of pure laziness.  One day off led to another  then another one and all of a sudden i had completely stopped.I  realized the difference I feel when I’m not exercising and when I am exercising. When I’m not exercising i don’t feel  as energetic as I did and my negative thought have been able to creep in on me. But when you are doing it it becomes easier and easier. Since I know that I’m starting from the beginning again i like to go at my own pace and not exhaust myself.  

When i think of confidence i think of the need for exercise and vice versa. They both go together and are needed for physical confidence and mindset confidence. I can remember last month i was pitching a few people that i would like to work with and i didn’t hear back from them. Those self doubt self talks started to creep in my head and  i was aware at some point that i was allowing it to change my behaviors.  

I started to feel

  • a lack of motivation
  • that i wasn’t good enough

  • they don’t like my inspirational t-shirts

  • they don’t like my message

  • They don’t like me

My thoughts just became all over the place. I started questioning myself . All of this negative thinking wasn’t called for and used so much of my needed energy that it’s not even worth it in the end. The energy lost i could have used for something good. Never realized that when pitching people they may be just  busy or may be i need to pitch a different angle next time. Just realizing I haven’t been counted out.

The benefit to exercise is that it

  • releases  endorphins in my brain

  • Caused a shift in my brain which allowed me to see things differently

  • ultimately changed my behavior

My mindset shifted and I got back in touch with my purpose and why I want to help and inspire others around me with the strong message of knowing who you are and confidently impacting the world around you.

What kind of exercise keeps you moving in the right direction? Do you notice a difference when you exercise and don’t exercise?



3 benefits to practing yoga.


When I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety the first thing the doctor suggested was medication of course. I really did not like the idea of taking medicine because I did not want to feel like something was wrong with me. When I didn’t take my medicine i found myself rushing to the emergency room due to panic attacks and other anxious symptoms.

After a while of having and taking medication for my anxiety I was introduced to yoga just like some of mainstream america. Through Madonna of course.  Madonna became the face of yoga. I can remember watching her on VH1 behind the music ( music is my love) and she was talking about using yoga as a way of finding her authentic self. She said that practicing yoga allowed her calm in a show biz world around her that was always busy. Aftering see madonna i then began see it everywhere else. So I said let me try this for my anxiety.

After practicing it consistently I felt a difference.

I felt more grateful

Everything around me looked and felt simplified. I looked at the simplest thing such as my heart beat by appreciating it as adding more substance in my life. The yoga pose savasana really allowed me to relax after an intense session. In this relaxed state i would listen to my heart beats, my breathe and melt away my tired muscles. I then expand this gratefulness to my daily life by noticing and approaching things in a more positive way.

I felt more focused

Having to focus on keeping balanced movements forces me to focus my concentration on that yoga pose and my breathe. In my everyday life I was able to focus my attention on what Im doing without feeling mind clutter and stress.

I felt calmer

Breathing into your poses can help you take notice of the pose which in turn allows you to be present and in the moment. When you are present and in the moment of any situation you feel calmer. You mind is quieter, less chatty and cluttered, and you are more in control of a situation.


These 3 benefits will transform you  in any situation you will encounter. Just keep it consistent and you will also feel the difference.